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All AKC-Recognized Breeds

All Breed   ( Indoors )


Group / Breed Judge Competed Last Year    

Best In Show
Sporting Group      
      German Shorthaired Pointer      
      German Wirehaired Pointer      
      Chesapeake Bay Retriever      
      Curly-Coated Retriever      
      Flat-Coated Retriever      
      Golden Retriever      
      Labrador Retriever      
      Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever      
      English Setter      
      Gordon Setter      
      Irish Setter      
      American Water Spaniel      
      Clumber Spaniel      
      Cocker Spaniel Black      
      Cocker Spaniel ASCOB      
      Cocker Spaniel Parti      
      English Cocker Spaniel      
      English Springer Spaniel      
      Field Spaniel      
      Irish Water Spaniel      
      Sussex Spaniel      
      Welsh Springer Spaniel      
      Spinone Italiano      
      Wirehaired Pointing Griffon      
Hound Group      
      Afghan Hound      
      Basset Hound      
      Beagle (13 in. and under)      
      Beagle (over 13 in.)      
      Black and Tan Coonhound      
      Dachshund (Longhaired)      
      Dachshund (Smooth)      
      Dachshund (Wirehaired)      
      American Foxhound      
      English Foxhound      
      Ibizan Hound      
      Irish Wolfhound      
      Norwegian Elkhound      
      Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen      
      Pharaoh Hound      
      Rhodesian Ridgeback      
      Scottish Deerhound      
Working Group      
      Alaskan Malamute      
      Anatolian Shepherd Dog      
      Bernese Mountain Dog      
      Black Russian Terrier      
      Doberman Pinscher      
      Dogue de Bordeaux      
      German Pinscher      
      Giant Schnauzer      
      Great Dane      
      Great Pyrenees      
      Greater Swiss Mountain Dog      
      Neapolitan Mastiff      
      Portuguese Water Dog      
      St. Bernard      
      Siberian Husky      
      Standard Schnauzer      
      Tibetan Mastiffs      
Terrier Group      
      Airedale Terrier      
      American Staffordshire Terrier      
      Australian Terrier      
      Bedlington Terrier      
      Border Terrier      
      Colored Bull Terrier      
      White Bull Terrier      
      Cairn Terrier      
      Dandie Dinmont Terrier      
      Smooth Fox Terrier      
      Wire Fox Terrier      
      Glen of Imaal Terrier      
      Irish Terrier      
      Kerry Blue Terrier      
      Lakeland Terrier      
      Standard Manchester Terrier      
      Miniature Bull Terrier      
      Miniature Schnauzer      
      Norfolk Terrier      
      Norwich Terrier      
      Parson Russell Terrier      
      Scottish Terrier      
      Sealyham Terrier      
      Skye Terrier      
      Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier      
      Staffordshire Bull Terrier      
      Welsh Terrier      
      West Highland White Terrier      
Toy Group      
      Brussels Griffon      
      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel      
      Long Coat Chihuahua      
      Smooth Coat Chihuahua      
      Chinese Crested      
      Blenheim & Prince Charles English Toy Spaniel      
      King Charles & Ruby English Toy Spaniel      
      Italian Greyhound      
      Japanese Chin      
      Toy Manchester Terrier      
      Miniature Pinscher      
      Toy Poodle      
      Shih Tzu      
      Silky Terrier      
      Toy Fox Terrier      
      Yorkshire Terrier      
Non-Sporting Group      
      American Eskimo Dog      
      Bichon Frise      
      Boston Terrier      
      Chinese Shar-Pei      
      Chow Chow      
      Finnish Spitz      
      French Bulldog      
      Lhasa Apso      
      Miniature Poodle      
      Standard Poodle      
      Shiba Inu      
      Tibetan Spaniel      
      Tibetan Terrier      
Herding Group      
      Australian Cattle Dog      
      Australian Shepherd      
      Bearded Collie      
      Belgian Malinois      
      Belgian Sheepdog      
      Belgian Tervuren      
      Border Collie      
      Bouvier des Flandres      
      Canaan Dog      
      Cardigan Welsh Corgi      
      Rough Collie      
      Smooth Collie      
      German Shepherd Dog      
      Old English Sheepdog      
      Pembroke Welsh Corgi      
      Polish Lowland Sheepdog      
      Shetland Sheepdog      
      Swedish Vallhund      
      Bluetick Coonhound      
      Cane Corso      
      Cesky Terrier      
      Icelandic Sheepdog      
      Norwegian Buhund      
      Norwegian Lundehund      
      Pyrenean Shepherd      
      Redbone Coonhound      
      Irish Red and White Setter      
      Boykin Spaniel      
(p) Provisional

Junior Showmanship   ( Indoors )

Judge Panel Status: Approved

Class Judge Competed Last Year    

JS Novice Jr.Age 9 to 12
JS Novice Inter Age 12 to 15
JS Novice Sr. Age 15 to 18
JS Open Jr. Age 9 to 12
JS Open Inter Age 12 to 15
JS Open Sr. Age 15 to 18
JS Best Junior

Obedience   ( Indoors )

Judge Panel Status: Approved

Class Judge Competed Last Year   Entry Limits

Obedience Novice A
Obedience Novice B
Obedience Open A
Obedience Open B
Obedience Utility A
Obedience Utility B

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