Address for Lorain County Kennel Club Park is
49979 State Route 511, Oberlin, Ohio 

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🏆 MACH 45 KODY 🏆 and Denise Schneider 

On behalf of the LORAIN COUNTY KENNEL CLUB we’d like to thank you for attending the agility trial this past weekend and supporting the club and Pinnacle Dog Sports.  We hope that you enjoyed your weekend and the time spent with your dogs. It was great to have judge Gill Chapman return to Pinnacle.  Her courses were really fun to run!!!  She’ll be back at Pinnacle later this year to judge again!

BIG shout out and THANK YOU to all the volunteers…… VOLUNTEERS is what helps the trial run smoothly and we are very grateful for your time helping in the ring.
WOW !  We had a nice list of titles earned this weekend and would like to congratulate everyone on their accomplishment(s) !!
There were a couple 🎖 MILESTONES🎖 achieved:
🏆 MACH 45 KODY 🏆 and Denise Schneider
🏆 MACH 6 VIOLETT 🏆 and Caryl Baxter
🏆 MACH 4 KRUSH 🏆 and Helen Kurz
as well as some 🎖STEPPING STONES🎖:
NOV STD  – SUNDAE and Michelle Michael
NOV JWW – HAWKEYE and Kathy Hilton
NOV FAST – ROCKET and Nancy Huber
NOV FAST – ROXIE and Brooke Robey
NOV FAST – MAC and Jennifer Osborne
NOV JWW Pref.- DUG and Toni Fern
OPN STD – JEDI and Kim Dillon
OPN STD –  BINDI and Kathy McGill 
OPN JWW –  ROXIE and Brooke Robey
EXC STD –  X and Jeanne Fogarty
EXC STD – CHARM and Sharon Rooks
EXC STD – SYDNEY and Kathy Gullace (handled by Deb Wigal)
EXC JWW – SKYE and Kathy Cain
MAS FAST – KEEGAN and Sarah Friedlander
MAS FAST –  ISABELLA and Kim Bruni

T2B 2- VIBE and Nancy Brissette

We had a Very nice and large group of NOVICE exhibitors this weekend….. Congratulations to all the teams that stepped into the ring for the first time – may your journey be filled with FUN ! 
Again, the club would like to thank you for supporting their trial and hope that you will include them as part of your journey later this year on October 21 with judge Bill Pinder and on October 28-30 with judge Linda Syner.
Thank you, 
Ron Caffo & Jean Bonness – Trial Co-Chairs, 
Lorain County Kennel Club
Bonnie Boskovitch – Trial Sec’y